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Healing Your Field


Energy Field therapy allows you to get in contact with the Divine Energy that exists inside of you.

It brings you to the right place to access the healing that is already there!

Reiki Treatment

Physical Issues

Pain, discomfort and diseases can be your body telling you that something is wrong in your Energy Field. If you decide to take care only of the symptoms and not look for the root cause of the problem, it is very likely the symptom will continue to show up or intensify through different manifestations in your physical body. The Energy Field therapy can help you release blockages that can allow your physical body to heal itself. The therapy is very safe for all types of diseases and discomforts and it goes perfectly well with all other holistic and traditional treatments.

Emotional Struggle

Life is supposed to be lived fully and freely because that's how we were created by the Divine. But it doesn't mean that there will be no challenges. The real issue is when challenges becomes traumas. Trauma comes from the Greek word "wound" and should be seen as events that generate electromagnetic inputs that get stuck as a "wound" in our Energy Field. When we connect to these wounds and heal them, releasing them from your Energy Field, we let the Flow of Life to be restored in your Field and you became free again.  

Thinking Man
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