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My Story

For a very long time, I suffered from lower back chronic pain. During my second pregnancy, the pain started and it didn't go away. I felt miserable and it was preventing myself from exercising, running, sleeping well, carrying any weight, even carrying grocery shops or my baby daughter was a real struggle. I tried conventional pain killers to release the discomfort but it was only a temporary relief. After I tried with little success acupuncture, yoga and chiropractic sessions, I concluded that there was something very wrong with my spine so I went to a doctor to have a magnetic resonance done and definitely find out what the real problem was. But the answer I received was: there is nothing wrong there! Where is the pain coming from? I don't know, the doctor said...


After some research I found the documentary "The Healing Field" - it opened my mind to the idea that my pain could be coming from my energetic body. When I started to heal my energy field and release blockages from my life experience, the pain simply dissolved itself and I was free to be myself again.

My Approach

Science and Quantum Physics have shown that electromagnetic energy is all around us and inside of each cell of our body - creating what we call our "Energy Field".


Every living being (person, animal, plant and mineral) generates energy. Even our words, actions and thoughts produce energy. There is an infinite and constant exchange between all these energies and this law completes the enormous magnetic field generated by Earth.


Modern integrative medicine sees the human being as a symbiosis between body, mind and energy and understands that the true healing can only happen when these 3 fundamental parts are considered in the treatment of the disease.


The focus of my work is energetic healing. During the session I connect with your Energy Field and I sense blockages and traumas that are causing the discomfort or disease in your body and mind. Then I use a variety of advanced energy techniques and connect you with the higher vibrations of the Universe and the Divine. The therapy helps release blockages and traumas from your Energy Field, replacing them with pure energy from the Divine Source.


The Energy Field therapy allows you to get in contact with the Divine Energy that already exists inside of you. It just brings you to the right place to access the healing that is already there.

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