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Heal Yourself

Healing your Energy Field will set you free

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About Me

Hello! My name is Paula Cardoso and I'm a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner. My therapy is focused in your well-being and health - when we harmonize our Energy Field, we release blockages that allow us to heal physically and emotionally. It is a safe and practical treatment and we can feel the benefits from the very first session. 

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Energy Healing

In this 90min session, we start by discussing any physical issues and emotional struggles that you want to work during the session. Then you lay down and relax meanwhile I connect with your Energy Field releasing blockages and low frequency energy that prevent your vital force to flow perfectly in your Energy Field. After the healing we will talk about issues and messages that came during the session, planning the next steps in your healing journey.


In person session takes place at ANIMA HOUSE

181 New Kings Road, SW6 4SW

London UK

Distance Energy Healing

Energy is not constricted by the traditional laws of physics - it can be changed from very far away. Distance Healing works perfectly in times like these when we can't be close to each other. Online sessions normally lasts for 90min and it can be in English or Portuguese. We will discuss the issues that you want to work on and then I will connect with your Energy Field to release blockages and low frequency energy while you lay dow in a place where you are not disturbed.


Connect me for a free consultation to find out how the therapy can help you heal your life!

Energy Healing - Children

Children are naturally more open and sensitive to their Energy Field so the benefits from the therapy can come really quickly.

Energy Field therapy can help children to heal physically and emotionally. It can help them to release fears, traumas and emotional imbalances so they can live as free as they were created. 


 Energy Healing sessions with children consist of 3 parts: a prior discussion with the parent about the issues that the child is showing, a distance healing session while the child is asleep and a afterwards discussion with the parent to talk about the healing and to plan the next steps.

My Treatments


Paula is a powerful charismatic and compassionate energy healer. Her intuitive insights and guidance will help you to connect to your divine potential and inner vitality. Thank you, Paula, for helping me to rediscover myself! 

Kristine - San Diego, CA

Paula is a natural healer. She has a wonderful energy and knows exactly what you need. I always seek support for my physical body pains and I leave the sessions thoughtful and with a greater understanding of the connection between body, mind, energy and the universe. The techniques she uses are powerful and so she is. I highly recommend her.

Paola - London, UK

My daughter had a kidney infection and Paula did a healing in her. Her energy is very gentle and kids can really receive it immediately! She stayed 1 hour doing the healing and my daughter was super relax, almost felt asleep, it really helped her feeling safe and confident! She is amazing!  

Cris - Miami, FL

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